Alcantara & Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers

Hybrid Harmony – Where Elegance Meets Performance


Discover how we blend the race-inspired tactile sensation of Alcantara with the timeless luxury of Genuine Leather to create a steering wheel cover that doesn’t just look stunning—it feels right in every turn and twist.

Why Choose the Mix?

  • Dual-Texture Feel: Enjoy the sporty grip of Alcantara and the soft opulence of Genuine Leather, tailored to perfection for your steering pleasure.
  • Personalized Elegance: Choose the sections for each material and create a design that's as bold or as subtle as you desire.
  • Long-lasting Quality: Both materials are renowned for their durability, ensuring your steering wheel remains a centrepiece for years.
  • Fusion Customization

    Our intuitive online tool guides you through designing your bespoke steering wheel cover. From the grain of the leather to the color of the Alcantara, your preferences take precedence.

Build brand trust


"The Alcantara feels sporty and the leather adds a classic touch. Together, they turned my car's interior from standard to stunning. I didn't know a steering wheel could make such a difference!"

Emily T

"I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality. The grip is perfect for long drives, and the luxury aesthetic is exactly what I wanted. It’s clear that every stitch was placed with care."

Aaron L

"Customizing my steering wheel with Alcantara and leather was a game-changer. It’s not only personalized to my taste but also enhances my driving experience every day."

Rajiv S

Expert Insights

Leather & Alcantara FAQs

This blend marries the classic elegance of genuine leather with the modern, sporty appeal of Alcantara, offering a dual-textured experience that’s both luxurious and functional.

Absolutely. Both materials are renowned for their durability. Genuine leather ages beautifully, while Alcantara maintains a consistent look and grip over time.

Yes, it’s fully customizable. From the stitching to the color scheme, you can personalize your steering cover to match your vehicle's interior and your personal style.

Maintaining your cover is straightforward. Use a damp cloth for Alcantara and a leather conditioner for the genuine leather parts to keep them in pristine condition.